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Vinculum is an Indian provider of a broad suite of cloud/SaaS-based solutions aimed mainly at e-commerce and omnichannel retail and retail-focused 3PLs with additional locations in the Middle East and the U.S. It has a modest presence in B2B and non-retail 3PL (10% to 15% of its business). In addition to WMS, its Vin eRetail suite covers omnichannel product information management (PIM), automated listing to marketplaces, multichannel sales order management, returns, payment reconciliations, merchandising and real-time view of inventory in stores and warehouses. Its WMS can be purchased and run as a stand-alone; however, buyers get both the WMS and order management system (OMS) even if they do not intend to use the OMS. Vinculum did not meet the qualification requirements for WMS revenue, but exceeded the criterion for customer growth with a four-year CAGR of 27%. Vinculum claims about 1,500 total customers across its suite with 413 pure WMS customers, excluding freemium users. Most of its customers (89%) are in Asia (primarily in India and Southeast Asia).[1]

Vinculum’s WMS is best-suited to paper- or mobile-based manual Level 2 and 3 warehouse operations, and offers a web-based store inventory capability that could support Level 1 operations. It launched its cloud/SaaS-based WMS, Vin eRetail WMS, running on AWS nine years ago, and 100% of its customers are multitenant cloud.[1]


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