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Tecsys is a midsize vendor of warehouse management and companion SCE capabilities with more than $80 million in software and services revenue, about 80% ($63.4 million) of which is related to WMS. It has been in business for more than 36 years, and a significant proportion of the company is family-owned. Tecsys has 198 WMS clients, with 86% of these in North America. About 32% of its revenue is generated in Canada and 58% in the U.S. It has limited international presence with about 9% of its customers in Europe and 1% Asia. The vendor has a strong market position in healthcare and life sciences, with about 30% of its customers and over 50% of its pipeline in these industries. The vendor also has a mix of SMB customers and large customers, with 47% categorized as midsize to large organizations.[1]

It is most often used in Level 3 and low Level 4 warehouse operations, but it can handle Level 2 warehouse operations with some specialized Level 1 capabilities — notably in healthcare environments. Historically, the majority of Tecsys’ deployments were on-premises, purchased as software licenses. For new deals, cloud/SaaS is now the preferred deployment option, but 100% of its cloud deployments are dedicated, single-instance cloud.[1]


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