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Softeon is a small, mostly privately owned SCE solution vendor in business for around 20 years with total revenue of $30 million. The vendor is based in North America, with the majority of its customers and revenue (about 75%) coming from the Americas plus about 15% in Europe and 10% in Asia.


Although Softeon’s roots are in warehousing, it has a noteworthy SCE convergence vision and portfolio that includes distributed order management, some transportation, direct store delivery and planning on a common technical platform. Softeon’s customer base (140 customers) is modest compared to the majority of other vendors in this research with growth in net new customers year over year of about 15. However, some of these customers have very large and complex WMS implementations (Levels 4 and 5) and others, including some of its cloud users, are quite small and at lower complexity levels (Level 2). While the vendor is particularly strong in 3PL, which represents over 30% of its customers, it is growing in other industries like retail, consumer goods, apparel and consumer electronics.[1]

Softeon is most often used in Level 3 and Level 4 warehouse operations, but it can scale from high Level 2 to highly automated Level 5 operations. It offers the same software in three forms: on-premises, dedicated (single-instance) cloud and multitenant cloud, and generally prefers a subscription-based pricing model. About 60% of its business is now cloud, with 55% dedicated cloud and the remainder multitenant.[1]


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