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Reporting software helps to automate business reporting by collecting data from the database and creating insightful reports in fraction of the time in would normally take.[1] While reporting software varies in complexity of industry-specific customizations, they still utilize the traditional process of report generation [2].

A reporting tool, or software reporting tool, is a system that takes in data from various sources and extrapolates it in tables, charts, visual presentations, and other styles so that the information is easier to parse. There are many types of reporting tools, such as dashboard software, data visualization software, scorecard tools, and ad-hoc report writers. Dashboard software lets you put the reports that matter most to you front-and-center; data visualization software is all about turning data into something visually-oriented that users can easily read; scorecarding tools are all about performance data so you know who your high achievers are, and ad-hoc report writers create various styles of reports in-the-moment for companies who have ever-changing needs.[3]

Often people are confused by reporting software and financial reporting software. Financial reporting software is only one of reporting software types, focused on financial data. Financial reporting software gives finance teams information about their finance and visualization based on it to make better decisions. But reporting software can work in almost all areas of business.

The following is a list of notable report generator software. Reporting software is used to generate human-readable reports from various data sources.

Commercial software[edit]

Free software[edit]


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