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Reply provides a wide array of IT services, with a primary focus on consulting, system integration, digital services and cybersecurity. It has total company revenue of around $1.4 billion produced across 19 countries. It also offers warehouse management applications and services with 23% of its $30 million WMS revenue coming from WMS software, 57% from services, and the remainder from maintenance and support. About 260 employees support WMS, and 16% of its WMS revenue is dedicated to R&D. Reply offers two WMSs: Click Reply, its legacy WMS, and Logistics Execution Architecture (LEA Reply), a multitenant cloud WMS developed in a contemporary microservices architecture. Reply reports 125 Click Reply customers and 89 for LEA Reply. Of Reply’s WMS customers, 76% are in Europe, with 9% in North America, 9% in Latin America, 4% in Asia and 2% in other regions. Reply’s WMS customers span industries, with Click Reply strong in automotive, industrial, service, high tech and 3PL, while LEA Reply is strongest in retail, e-commerce, food and beverage, and fashion and luxury.[1]

Click Reply is best suited to multisite, complex Level 3 and Level 4 warehouse operations often using material handling automation and can scale to Level 5 operations (24%). LEA Reply generally caters to less complex, warehouse-centric network environments, and is most often used in Level 2 and Level 3 warehouse operations. However, it can scale up to low Level 4 operations and has a small presence in Level 5 warehouses. Reply offers WMSs on-premises, hosted or in a multitenant cloud/SaaS. Reply can host its on-premises Click Reply WMS as a single-instance, dedicated cloud solution. LEA Reply is the vendor’s multitenant cloud offering built on its contemporary microservices architecture and deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS).[1]


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