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Mecalux Software Solutions is headquartered in Spain. With total WMS revenue of $22 million, it did not meet this year’s revenue inclusion criteria. However, it qualified on both WMS customer and revenue growth with CAGR of 22% and 43%, respectively. It has almost 800 WMS customers and 320 employees focused on WMS. Its parent company, Mecalux, sells and operates mainly in Europe and the Americas. It offers products and services for warehouses, ranging from manufacturing of racking and shelving, automated MHE and associated consulting for design to the supply of warehouse control and WMS. Mecalux has total company revenue of more than $836 million and over 4,300 employees across its businesses. Almost 90% of its WMS customers are based in Europe (with almost 80% of its customers based in Spain, France and Poland), with a growing share in the Americas and a small presence in other regions. Mecalux has direct implementation resources in Europe and the Americas with implementation partners supporting approximately 30% of its less complex projects in Europe and Latin America.[1]

Mecalux’s Easy WMS product has been developed over the last 20 years, and is positioned to address “medium” levels of complexity and cost to implement. It primarily services midmarket businesses with automated facilities and manual warehouse operations. It is most often used in Level 2 and Level 3 warehouse operations, but can scale to Level 5 supported by its own WCS. Only 20% of the vendor’s implemented customers are on cloud with the majority of these on dedicated cloud. Standard/small implementations use multitenant solutions, and larger, more complex customers use dedicated, single-instance deployments. Mecalux uses Microsoft Azure for cloud deployments.[1]


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