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Made4net was founded in 2005 and is a small vendor of WMS and related SCE solutions. While its annual WMS revenue was below the inclusion criteria threshold, it qualified because of its strong four-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40%. In December 2020, it received an investment from private equity firm Thompson Street Capital Partners. Made4net’s SCExpert Suite includes Warehouse Management System, transportation, delivery management, container management, and yard and labor management, all running on a single common technical platform. It has nearly 90 employees focused on warehouse management and 687 customers. It has the broadest geographical coverage of any of the independent WMS providers with 28% of its customers in North America, 26% in Europe, 21% Asia, 12% Latin America and 13% in other regions. Made4net has partners and customers in over 30 countries. Its three key industries are 3PL, retail and wholesale distribution, with significant numbers of customers in consumer products, e-commerce, food service, apparel and automotive.[1]

Made4net’s WMS is most often used in, and the majority of its customers are in, Level 2 and 3 warehouse operations. It can scale up to Levels 4 and 5 operations, and this is a growing focus of the vendor. Historically, 45% of its customers would be considered simple operations because Made4net offered a light version of its WMS called Small Business Edition. This version has a low entry price and rapid implementation that can be transitioned to the full WMS as a company grows. Made4net supports all deployment methods, but the majority of its installed base (75%) is on-premises. The majority of its cloud deployments are dedicated, with only 3% of its total customer base on multitenant cloud and primarily for operations with 10 users or fewer.[1]


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