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There is an opportunity to find a lot of online materials for learning to work with Business Applications (ERP/CRM/HCM...). You will not find documentation from all vendors, but many of them publish it online, using the possibilities of modern educational technology.

Modern educational technology can improve access to education,[1] including full degree programs.[2] It enables better integration for non-full-time students, particularly in continuing education,[2][1] and improved interactions between students and instructors.[3] Learning material can be used for long-distance learning and are accessible to a wider audience,[4][1] and in this case, course materials are easy to access.[5][1]

You can use these training materials from various reasons. Maybe you are a junior in some technology and you want to learn more or you are senior but you want to update your knowledge with the newest releases. Maybe you are planning to change your profession and before you do it, there is a chance to start learning and check if this is the right decision for you... or you are on the beginning and just finished a school. Never mind what is your reason for learning, Business Applications can be very interesting and there is an opportunity to find what is the most adequate with your plans.


In these cases, a lot of educational media and tools can be used for:

  • task structuring support: help with how to do a task (procedures and processes),
  • access to knowledge bases (help user find information needed)
  • alternate forms of knowledge representation (multiple representations of knowledge, e.g. video, audio, text, image, data)

Business Application Course Materials[edit]

The most of available online courses and trainings are based on MOOC model.


You can get full access to SAP training materials using the following link: https://learninghub.sap.com/. But using this SAP Learning Hub Portal requires mandatory registration. Learning hub has different editions, and there is independent edition for SAP partners[6]. This is the first SAP Learning Hub solution that combines all the learning content that partners of the SAP PartnerEdge program require[6]. But generally, the SAP Learning Hub is SAP's most comprehensive learning offering on the market. The unsurpassed range and quality of content is enhanced by a social learning experience with other learners, trainers and experts. Bringing you the power and convenience of the Cloud, SAP Learning Hub contains over 5,000 courses, allowing you to find all the SAP training you’ll need in one place.[7]

There is one more interesting place for people who need to work with APIs in SAP. On this URL (SAP API Business Hub) https://api.sap.com/ they can get an access to all available API definitions.

It is also possible to get additional knowledge using massive open online courses platform openSAP which are provided free of charge.


Salesforce apps[edit]

Salesforce provides good learning materials through their Trailhead platform. You can try it using this link https://trailhead.salesforce.com/trails where you can follow guided learning paths. Trails are guided learning paths through modules and projects that help you cover the most ground in the shortest amount of time.[8] You can run these learning paths to see an overview and eventually read introduction part without registration. But if you need full access for learning purpose, you should register and you will get full access.


Tableau is acquired by Salesforce, but they still have independent training resources. Whether you’re an experienced user or just building your data muscles, you can use this help to level up knowledge about Tableau software. You can find learning materials on https://www.tableau.com/learn. Some of them are free of charge (e.g. How-to videos), but you can also find Instructor-led training courses, but they are not for free.


Microsoft offers for its Dynamics 365 product family learning paths through Microsoft Learn platform. From there you can learn how you can use Dynamics 365 to meet today’s challenges by bringing your customers and business together with the next generation of CRM and ERP applications[9]. You can find training materials for all Dynamics 365 products and if you want to try it, open this link: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/dynamics365/.

There is one really good fact about this learning site, you don't need to be registered to get full access to learning materials. You will get better experience if you are registered, but you will have the same access to training materials as registered even if you are not registered, so you can learn about these products if you are thinking about them as your future profession.


Oracle provides free online courses for their SaaS, PaaS and OCI platoforms. As Oracle E-Business Suite as their Business Applications are part of SaaS offering, that means you can start with learning for free to achieve status of Oracle Learning Explorer[10]. You can access to their training libraries here: https://education.oracle.com/learning-explorer. for other product, Oracle has different approach:


ServiceNow offers an expansive portfolio of training offerings across IT, HR, Customer Service, and other departments that cover the Now Platform. Whether you are just getting started or ready to expand your skills and knowledge of ServiceNow, they can show you how to work quickly and maximize your utilization. Their learning platform named as Now Learning is available here https://signon.service-now.com/x_snc_sso_auth.do, but it requires registration to get an access. This is one‑stop‑shop for ServiceNow training and certification where you can discover a mix of live classes, simulators, virtual classes, assessments, certifications, and more to propel your career.[11]

Based on ServiceNow documentations, you have some paid training, but also you can get for free on demand access to online content in Now Learning, any time, from any device.[12][13]


Workday Education and Training program helps customers and Workday ecosystem members deploy and best use their Workday applications. Their training ranges from strategic topics, such as learning to deploy Workday at a company site, to specific information about new features in the latest Workday release. They offer a variety of learning delivery options from independent, self-paced offerings to high-end, hands on activities in the Workday tenant. They also offer customer accreditations and partner certifications. Their goal is to help teams flourish by providing needed training that’s helpful and within budget.[14] Users can access to training materials here: https://www.workday.com/en-us/resources.html, but it requires previous registration.


Accessing to Acumatica training materials is easy using Acumatica Open University on the following link: https://openuni.acumatica.com/learning-paths/. You can find three learning paths types:

Opening one of lessons you will have an access to video materials. But still if you want to download guides, you should be registered to Acumatica Cloud ERP.

Adobe Enterprise[edit]

Adobe has a great package of training materials and all of them are free of charges. You can find these documents on the following sites: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/?lang=en and https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/home-tutorials.html?lang=en. But if you need more detailed courses you can find Instructor-led trainings but they are not for free; you can find these courses here: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/?lang=en#instructor-led. You can choose one of the options: Public classrooms, Private onsite training or Online virtual classroom training[15].


If you want to learn about Dayforce, you have to be registered but registration process is free of charge; you can start with your registration from here: https://www.dayforcelearning.com/learn/signin. But on this place you will fin a lot of interesting courses, but not related with the product implementation. For your Ceridian/Dayforce upskilling, you can use Dayforce Learning mobile app, but Dayforce Learning mobile access is only available to Dayforce Learning customers[16][17].


Epicor provides an online content and resources they've developed from over 45 years of working closely with clients in their unique industries. But for access you first need to register yourselves from here: https://www.epicor.com/en-us/services/epicor-university/learning/.


Learning solutions are available for every stage of the product lifecycle with Infor, including new implementation, upgrading, or further application advancement. You can download Infor Education documents from here https://www.infor.com/resources/infor-education if you are registered. But if you need detailed training, you should register for Infor Campus. Infor Campus is cloud-based learning platform that includes e-learning and self-directed courses, as well as registration for instructor-led classes. If you are from US you can sign-up here: https://campus.infor.com/Saba/Web_wdk/NA3P1PRD0027/index/prelogin.rdf and if you are coming from other countries you can do it here: https://campus-nonus.infor.com/Saba/Web_wdk/NA3P1PRD0027/index/prelogin.rdf.


Sage Intacct provides a training through its Sage Intacct Learning Center here: https://www.sageintacct.com/training. But you must be registered member and if you are not, you will be required to register yourself. But keep in mind that Sage Intacct requires a corporate email address associated with a Sage Intacct customer or partner[18][19]. Even if you are registered user, some trainings are for free and some of them requires a fee[19].


With QuickBooks Support platform, you can find QuickBooks help articles, Community discussions with other QuickBooks users, video tutorials and more. You can find a lot of very good organized training materials for QuickBooks products and for free. But for better user experience, recommendation is to register yourself even if this is not mandatory. You can get access from here: https://quickbooks.intuit.com/learn-support/.


As Odoo is an open-source system, it is expected that they provide a lot of training materials online and that is a true. You can access to their web page Knowledge is power from here: https://www.odoo.com/slides. You can find there many hours of well prepared video courses as well as training guides separated in two groups:


If you want to start or to upskill in Zoho applications, you can do it learning from tutorials on https://www.zoho.com/crm/tutorials/. You can find materials for learning about using, implementing or customizing these solutions and this access is free of charges. For some specific topics even outside of Zoho applications you can find even more on Zoho Academy: https://www.zoho.com/academy/. Zoho Academy is collection of free resources aims to tackle the trickier aspects of business strategy—not just the catchy topics that go viral[20].


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