Werum IT Solutions

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Werum IT Solutions
IndustryInformation Technology
FounderWulf Werum
Key people
Jens Woehlbier, Hans-Peter Subel
ParentKörber Medipak Systems

Werum IT Solutions, headquartered in Lüneburg, Germany, is an international supplier of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) software and manufacturing information technology (IT) solutions for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry.[1][2][3]

Company structure[edit]

Founded as Werum Software and Systems AG in 1969, Werum has locations in Europe, North and South America and Asia:[4]

Werum IT Solutions GmbH, Germany

  • Headquarters in Lüneburg
  • West Regional Office in St. Augustin
  • Southwest Regional Office in Karlsruhe
  • Southwest Regional Office in Hausach
  • Swiss Regional Office in Basel

Werum IT Solutions America, Inc., United States

  • Headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey
  • Regional Office in Cary, North Carolina
  • Regional Office in Orinda, California

Werum IT Solutions SARL, France

  • Office in Toulouse

Werum IT Solutions represented by Körber Medipak Systems América Latina

  • Office in São Paulo

Werum IT Solutions Ltd., Thailand

  • Offices in Bangkok

Werum IT Solutions Pte Ltd., Singapore

  • Office in Singapore

Werum IT Solutions K. K., Japan

  • Office in Tokyo

Werum IT Solutions represented by Körber Medipak Systems Shanghai

  • Office in Shanghai

Werum IT Solutions, Liaison Office India

  • Office in Gurgaon, Haryana, India


Manufacturing IT solutions for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries[edit]

Manufacturing IT is the term for IT solutions that ensure efficient production control. A manufacturing execution system (MES) is the central system of a manufacturing IT solution. The MES provides the link between the equipment/automation level and the enterprise management (ERP system). Werum is the internationally leading MES provider for the niche market of the pharma and biotech industries. More than 50 percent of the largest pharma and biotech companies run Werum's PAS-X standard software product.[5][6] Werum's competitors in this market segment include Rockwell Automation, Honeywell POMS, Emerson Electric and Siemens.[7] For their PAS-X MES, Werum received the "2007 Company of the Year" award by the U.S.-based global growth consulting company Frost & Sullivan in the category "Manufacturing Execution Systems for Pharma and Biotech Industries".[8]


  • 2017: Asian Manufacturing Award "Best Pharma Solutions Provider"[9]
  • 2017: Frost & Sullivan Global Technology Leadership Award for Industrial Automation Solutions[10]
  • 2016: Asian Manufacturing Award Best Pharma Solutions Provider"[11]
  • 2007: Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award for Manufacturing Execution Systems[12]


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