Idevar Gonçalves de Souza Junior

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Idevar Gonçalves de Souza is graduated in Data Processing from Mackenzie and has postgraduate degree in System Analysis from FIAP. He also has over twenty years of experience in system development, analysis and management of projects and staff. He is currently working as IT Manager in Zurich Brasil Seguros, and was a Professor of Computer Science at Universidade Nove de Julho during 6 years. He has the MCTS certification on Windows 7. Through lectures, he has been disseminating the Dynamics 365 and Windows. Idevar has also been the official Microsoft Beta-Tester since 2005, in Mini-Beta and TechBeta programs, being cited and awarded by Microsoft in the Top 10 list. He helps in the Microsoft Technet / Microsoft Answers forums, and writes articles for Dynamics 365.[1]


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