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Generix Group
Generix Group France
Euronext: GENX
FoundedApril 11, 1990; 32 years ago (1990-04-11) in France
FoundersBernard Becquart, Benoit Pottier, Didier Rommens, Gérard Vérin
HeadquartersLesquin, France (near Lille),
Key people
Jean-Charles Deconninck, CEO
ProductsSaaS Software for Global Supply Chain Management
ServicesThird maintenance of computer systems and applications Ape: 6202B
Revenue56,929,700 € (2019)
1,951,100 € (2019)
Total equity45,088,900 € (2019)
Number of employees
311 (2019 (average annual staff))

Generix Group France is an international software company listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. Created in 1990 by four engineers, it offers a platform to manage and control all the flows of an economic and industrial ecosystem. The group now distributes global supply chain management solutions and services: Warehouse Management (WMS) and Transport Management (TMS), e-logistics, collaborative portals, EDI and EAI, invoice dematerialization, cashing and loyalty engines.


From 1990: creation of Generix[edit]

Generix Group is called Generix in its early years. The company was founded in 1990 by Bernard Becquart and his associates and developed an ERP software package. The product incorporates sales management, finance, inventory management and purchasing management solutions.

  • 1991 - The company releases its first product called Genegos, then Generix. During these first two years, it opened sales offices in Paris and the provinces[1].
  • 1991 - Generix becomes a member of ASLOG.
  • 1998 - Generix goes public on the new Paris Stock Exchange market[2].

2005 - 2010: Group consolidation[edit]

  • 2005 - The company is acquired by Jean-Charles Deconninck, supported by the investment fund Pléiade, already present in the capital since 2002. Generix becomes Generix Group and changes its legal structure. It now has a supervisory board and a board, chaired by Jean-Charles Deconninck. The latter decided to evolve the business model of the sale of software as a service (SaaS).
  • 2005 - Ceitel buys. The Rennes-based company employs about 40 people and publishes cashing and store management solutions[3].
  • 2007 - Generix Group acquires Influe Illicom[4], a collaborative solutions publisher that intervenes in business-to-business exchanges and collaboration. Influe Illicom has 200 employees and subsidiaries in Portugal, Italy and Benelux[5].
  • 2008 - Generix Group announces acquisition of Infolog Solutions[6], a publisher of logistics execution, warehouse management system (WMS), transportation (TMS) and traceability solutions. Infolog Solutions operates in 20 countries and has 4 subsidiaries in Canada, Brazil, Italy and Spain.
  • 2009 - Creation of Generix Group Spain following the merger of the companies Influe Spain and Infolog Iberica.
  • 2009 - Creation of Generix Group Italy following the merger of the companies Influe Italy and Infolog Italia.

Since 2010: international development and change of course[edit]

  • 2014 - Generix Group sells its Aurea ERP solution and focuses its business on SaaS and International[7].
  • 2015 - Buyout of GMI connectivity, publisher of EDI solutions by Generix Group[8].
  • 2016 - Generix Group establishes a subsidiary in Russia by partnering with Accentis, its Russian distributor. The Russian subsidiary is called Generix Group Vostok[9].
  • 2016 - Generix Group establishes a subsidiary in North America by taking a majority stake in Canadian publisher Sologlobe Inc. specializing in logistics solutions. Headquartered in Montreal, the company employs 50 people[10].


Generix Group is headquartered in Lesquin, France, near Lille, and its main sales teams are located in Paris, Rennes and Clermont-Ferrand.

The company has subsidiaries in Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium and since 2016, in Russia[9] and Canada[11].


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