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EPG (Ehrhardt Partner Group) is a German WMS/logistics solution provider founded as a family-owned company in 1987 with revenue of approximately $97 million ($75 million from WMS licenses and services). Its main offices are in Germany and the U.S., with other locations across EMEA. EPG has 700 employees focused on logistics software and hardware solutions. In addition to its WMS, EPG LFS, it has multiple SCE applications and a native WCS, as well as consulting and cloud and hosting services in multiple regions. EPG also provides its own voice solution, Lydia Voice, that it sells both with and independent from the WMS. Its largest customer industry segments are 3PL, retail/e-commerce, industrial and construction machinery, automotive/parts, and consumer products (combined this equals 82% of its customers). It offers industry-specific functions for many of these segments and for food/beverage, pharma/healthcare and textiles. Of EPG’s 765 WMS customers and 1,460 total supply chain execution customers, 75% are based in Europe (mainly in the DACH region, the Czech Republic, Spain and Poland) with the largest number of customer installations in Germany. About 14% of its customers are in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and South Africa, while only 9% of its customers are in the U.S. (its fastest-growing market).[1]

EPG has direct implementation resources in all regions, and is supported by partners in North America and Latin America that account for 8% of implementations. Its WMS is most often used in Level 4 and Level 5 warehouse operations, but can scale from high Level 3 through Level 5 operations. Most of EPG’s customers (80%) deployed/migrated to a dedicated cloud environment using EPG’s private cloud services. (A traditional perpetual license model is offered, and customers have the option to deploy on-premises.)[1]


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