Siebel CTI

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Siebel CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) provides voice-channel support for call center agents using Siebel Business Applications. Integration with a third-party CTI middleware package provides CTI capabilities. Use communications administration views to configure aspects of the integration, such as to define telesets and associate them with agents.[1]

The Communications Session Manager handles CTI communications. Agents are notified of incoming calls through the communications toolbar and can perform a range of call-handling activities using the toolbar and related menu commands. Call routing can be handled by the ACD (Automatic Call Distributor), by the CTI middleware, or by a third-party vendor's queuing engine that has been integrated with Siebel Communications Server. CTI functionality is optionally available through Oracle Contact On Demand (serving as the CTI middleware) and the Virtual CTI communications driver. Where appropriate, you can create custom drivers for third-party CTI middleware products, by using the Adaptive Communications API.[1]


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